Decision making process

As part of the review process, you will wish to accept and reject submissions and notify the authors. This article will walk you through the process.

Step 1) Set up decision types

As the conference admin, one of your tasks is to make decisions on which submissions will be accepted for presentation at the conference and which submissions you will reject. Before you make any decisions, you must first configure how you will accept and reject submissions. 

You can access these settings directly from your Review hub as below. Add more decision types by selecting New Type and entering your own wording. If you need to, delete the predefined Oral and Poster fields or rename them into your own decision types. 

If you already have submissions that are fully reviewed and ready for decisions Decision overview card will appear and you can reach settings from there, just click on Edit Decision Types as below:

Step 2) Setup RSVP

In step 2 of Configure Acceptance workflow you can setup the RSVP feature if you wish, where you can request authors to confirm whether or not their submission will be present at your conference. 

You can learn more about RSVP  here.

Step 3) Make your decisions

You can make decisions on your submissions on a rolling basis, or wait until all reviews are finished and do the process in one go. You can find out more about this here

Step 4) Publish decisions

Once you've made a decision, you can publish it, making it visible to its authors, should they login. You can either do this one by one or in bulk at the end of the process. To do so on a rolling basis, assign a decision underneath the submission and select 'Publish this Decision'. 

To do so in bulk, assign decisions to all submissions and then in the Not Published stage, hit Publish Decisions

Step 5) Notifying Authors

After you publish decisions, you can notify your authors of the decisions. You can find more about the notification process here.

NOTE: If decisions have been published incorrectly, these can be unpublished. For full details on that we have an article here.

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