Accepting and rejecting submissions

You can make decisions on your submissions on a rolling basis or at the end all in one go. When you assign a decision, the author cannot see it before you finish (publish) your review. This means you change decisions multiple times on a submission before notifying authors.

Before starting to make decisions, you must configure/check your decision types. More about this here.

Step 1) Find the submissions to decide on

On your dashboard, find the Decisions Overview card and select Make Decisions. You'll be brought directly to the list of submissions where you can make your decisions. A small drop down box will become visible in the corner next to each submission with completed reviews.

Step 2a) Making a decision on one submission

Click on the dropdown underneath the submission and choose the decision you want to assign. The decision types that you configured in the settings will appear here as options. 

Step 2b) Deciding on multiple submissions at once

You can select the same decision for multiple submissions in the list by selecting them using the checkboxes and using the filters, as in the picture below:

Step 3) Using other criteria to make decisions

You can also filter your decisions by General or Acceptance score. To learn more about this click  here.

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