Configuring RSVP for your conference

We do not recommend using the RSVP feature if you are using the panels feature.

What is RSVP?

In Ex Ordo system, the RSVP function is designed to help you collect the information about which accepted submissions are going to appear at the conference. We have outlined this more fully in this article.

How to configure your RSVP?

This step might already be configured previously since it's part of your review configuration process. If you would like to change/check settings you can do this by going to the Reviews hub from your dashboard and then into Configure Acceptance

You you will see the RSVP settings in Step 2 of the workflow. This panel will list all of your available tracks with the switch for RSVP set to No.

You can click on the switch on any track to say Yes and confirm the use of RSVP for that track - authors will have to confirm the attendance of their paper at the conference. If you do enable RSVP, you will then need to create a Deadline for RSVP after which authors will no longer be able to RSVP. 

You also have the choice to use automated email reminders for RSVP. This means that all Pending RSVP authors will then be emailed 10 days, 3 days and 1 day before the RSVP deadline to remind them to login and respond to the RSVP. You can customize each email sent to your authors to ensure personalized contact with your attendees. 

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