Setting up decision types

In Ex Ordo, you can specify the types of presentation which are available at your conference and by default the system will include oral and poster presentations. During the submission configuration you can change these if necessary and allow your authors submit for one of the presentation types which are available.

It also possible that you will need to create new acceptance types, presentation types which were not previously available during the submission period. One case where you might need to do this is where you have different subcategories of a specific type of presentation, for example oral presentations of different lengths - perhaps 15 or 30 minute presentations - or you need to differentiate between accepted poster submissions and oral submissions which are being accepted as posters presentations. The same applies to a Rejection types, where you can create your own customised Rejections.

Step 1) Configure Acceptance

Configure acceptance step is part of Review configuration workflow that you can complete from your Setup Review card that will appear on your dashboard. Once both previous steps (Configure review and Configure Marking Scheme settings) are completed you will be able to Configure your Acceptance Settings:

You will be taken into the short workflow where you can add your new acceptance types or rename the ones already shown there. 

Step 2) Add your acceptance types

As a default there will be two options; oral and poster presentations. If these are the only two presentation formats you will have then you can press 'Done' to finish, but if you have additional submission formats (eg. workshops, panels, etc.) which authors were able to submit to initially then you must press 'Import' to update this list. If you would like to add additional acceptance types which authors were not able to submit to initially, then you can click on the greyed-out 'New Type' option to create a new acceptance type, which you can then rename. 

Here you can also setup multiple Rejection types, the process is the same. This will help you to target different groups of rejected authors from the communication centre if needed and provide more context to them.

When ready, click 'Done' to save and you will later be able to accept submissions for these types, once the reviewing is complete. You can then move onto deciding on RSVP for your authors   here.

If you would like to make edits in this workflow and change your acceptance types later on you can select Reviews from your dashboard and then Configure Acceptance as shown below:

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