Accepting a submission without a review

This feature is particularly useful if you need to

It means the paper can skip the review process completely and be moved into the next stage.

(A) Prior to allocation

You can select the paper from the listing by choosing the tick box beside the submission ID or selecting multiple papers at once by using the bulk action feature

Once chosen, please select the Do Not Review button as in the picture below:

These papers will then immediately by marked as Do Not Review skipping the peer review process and accepting them directly to the conference.

(B) After allocation 

After the allocation process is complete, you also have the option to mark the submission as Do Not Review. This means, again, that you’ll be able to skip the review process for this submission and accept it directly. If you choose Do Not Review at this stage - when the reviewer(s) are already allocated to a paper and notified - the reviewer will then receive an email to notify them of the change (if they have allowed emails for this action).

To disable the review for an allocated submission, you need to click on the button 'Do Not Review' just below where the edit and withdraw buttons are located:

At this stage you can also use bulk actions and apply Do Not Review decision to multiple papers by selecting multiple tick boxes and picking Do Not Review from the menu on the top:

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