How to Unpublish Decisions

Publishing decisions and notifying Authors that they’ve been accepted for your event is an exciting time. However, it’s possible that in all the excitement  you publish decisions early. 

This could lead to some disappointment for some authors if their colleagues can see that they’ve been accepted while they still don’t see anything.

To prevent this situation from occurring, you can unpublish decision so that you can publish everything again at a later time.

Step 1) Navigate to the List of Submissions in the Review Module

In order to view the reviews that have been completed, you need to navigate to the reviews hub and then the “List of Submissions” on the right side of the screen. You can then filter to published submissions only by clicking the “Published” section of the status’:

Step 2) Select the necessary submissions

From the screen outlined above, you will see all of your published submissions. From here, you can select these submissions individually or in bulk using the tick boxes on the left side of the submissions as highlighted below:

Step 3) Unpublish the decisions

After you have selected the necessary submissions or even all of them in necessary, you have the option to unpublish on an individual basis or in bulk.

If you want to unpublish on an individual basis, you can do so by simply click the “Unpublish this decision” icon here:

Alternatively, if being actioned in bulk, you can select all submissions and then click the button to unpublish:

If you opt to unpublish in bulk, you will see a warning message pop up to advise you of the impacts of taking this action:

Note: In addition to the above, if a submission is already in a session in the Programme, unpublishing the decision will not remove it from the session. This would need to be completed manually.

Step 4) Verify the status updated correctly

While not a required step, it’s good practise to double-check that the status has updated correctly.

You can do so by filtering only the submissions in the ”Unpublished” status and ensuring that they have the status highlighted below:

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