What does it mean when a submission is withdrawn?

You can withdraw your submission if you no longer wish for it to be considered for the conference. This can be done in Initial and Final Submissions.


Prior to the reviewing stage, a submission can have one of three statuses:

  1. Submitted: all required steps are complete and the submission is ready for review.
  2. Pending: the submission is not complete i.e. there are required fields still to complete.
  3. Withdrawn: where the submission should no longer to be considered for the conference.

A submission can be marked as withdrawn for various reasons. 

  • One or more of the authors may have decided that they no longer wish to be included in the conference or considered for review.
  • A member of the organising committee may have withdrawn the submission on behalf of the authors.
  • Authors may mistakenly enter the same submission twice, and so withdraw the duplicate.

You can view the steps to withdraw a submission here. Once withdrawn, a submission can be re-inserted by the authors up until the submission deadline. After this point, only administrators can re-insert the submission.

Final Submissions

After the review in Final Submissions, withdrawn submissions will appear as below:

If you withdraw your submission but still want to present it at the conference, you can reinsert it. Click on the title of the submission and scroll down to select 'Reinsert'. 

Note: withdrawing a submission is not the same as deleting a submission. A deleted submission cannot be recovered, while withdrawn submissions remain in the system and cannot be edited without being 're-inserted' or having the withdrawn status reversed.

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