Checking if my abstract/paper is submitted

What's the point of all your hard work if you're not sure that you material has been input correctly for review! There are a few ways to confirm if your submission is correctly submitted.

1) Email

Once you submit, you should receive an automated email receipt confirming your submission details. Please contact if you did not receive an email to the email you used during submission. 

2) Card Stream

If you are logged into the system and need to check if you have a submission in the conference, navigate to the dashboard. On your card stream, you should see a My Submissions card. If you do not have one, this means you do not have any submitted material with this account. 

The My Submissions card will show you all of your submissions. You can click on each one and view the Submitted status in the label at the top. 

3) My Submissions list

From the My Submissions card, you can select View in List to see the status of your submissions. When in your list of submissions, you will see a status beside each submission. Submitted material will have Submitted beside their names on the list. 

If you don't see the submission you're looking for in the list, and it should have been added by  a co-author, it might be because the submitter didn't use the correct email address.

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