Why can't I see my submission?

There are two main reasons why you can't see your submission or edit it in the form you need. It can be that:

  • You are logged in with an incorrect email.
  • The conference is not open for you to view or edit the submission.

Logged in with an incorrect email

When you first access the Ex Ordo site for any conference, you are asked to provide an email address which you will log in with in future. It may be the case that the email was either misspelt originally or you were added as a co-author under a different or incorrect email. 

If you have received a submission receipt previously - check the email that this was sent to and try logging in with that instead. If you did not receive any submission receipt you should contact our support team at support@exordo.com.

You will notice that under the name, in the top-right corner, says 'Author'. If you are a regular user who has submitted an abstract or a paper this should always say 'Author'. If instead it says 'Delegate' or 'Reviewer' (if you have been invited to review for the conference) this likely means than you are logged in with an incorrect email.

Conference has not opened access

If you are an author who has successfully submitted either an abstract or a paper - or been added as co-author on a submission - then you should always have a prompt on your dashboard which invites to view your submission as below:

If your submission has already been accepted for presentation at this point, you won't be able to make edits in submission list anymore. The prompt may say Upload final draft instead as on the preview below, and you will be taken into the new Programme list of submissions now:

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