Configuring review

Before submissions can be allocated to reviewers, you will need to configure the reviewing system to match your review process. From your dashboard, find your Setup Review card and click on 'Configure Review Settings' to bring you to the review set up. 

Step 1) Important Dates

Confirm the dates are correct and input the date you expect to notify the authors by. 

Step 2) Reviewing and Allocation

Here, we are setting up the system so that when you allocate reviews, Ex Ordo can ensure your requirements are met. A number of settings are configured at this stage:

A) How many reviews should each submission get? Choose the number of reviewers you wish to look at each submission. The number you chose may be dependent on the number of reviewers available.

B) How many submissions should each reviewer be allocated? Ex Ordo will stop allocating to a reviewer at the limit inserted here. As reviewers are giving their time and expertise for free, it is recommended that this number is kept low – however, this is not always possible.

C) Nepotism in Paper Allocation. Choosing to prevent nepotism means that reviewers will not be allocated submissions from their colleagues. Here the system will check similarities in email addresses and organisations. We have more options available on request - outlined here: How does nepotism affect my review?

D) Blind Review Settings. The chair can allow reviewers to be able to see the names of the authors (Single Blind) or hide the names of the authors from the reviewers (Double Blind). 

E) Accept Decline Reviews. The chair can decide to hide the Decline/Accept option for the reviewers. Where the chair decides to Hide this option from the reviewers, the reviewer won't be able to decline any allocated review of specific papers  

Step 3) Setup Marking Scheme

Now that you've entered the basic review settings, you can start on your marking scheme. Find your Setup Review card and select 'Configure Marking Scheme Settings'.

A detailed description of how to set up your marking scheme can be found in the How can I personalize my marking scheme? article.

Step 4) Configure Acceptance

The final step in setting up your review is to configure your decision types. Find your Setup Review card and select 'Configure Acceptance Settings'.

In the acceptance configuration stage, you can decide about your decision types, and how would you like to accept/reject your submissions. There is an option to import your acceptance types from the submission stage, or you can configure new acceptance decisions. 

In Step 2 of the Configure Acceptance Workflow, you can ask your accepted authors to reply to your RSVP invitation. Detailed information on how to use RSVP and configure your acceptance can be found here.

We do not recommend using the RSVP feature if you are using the panels feature.

Step 5) Add Reviewers

The last step in setting your conference up for review is to add reviewers. You can read all about that process here.

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