Adding reviewers

The following guide will walk you through the process of adding reviewers to your conference. You will need a first name, last name and email address to add a person as a reviewer. Please ensure you use the correct email address for that person if they already have an account in the conference. 

First, find your Add Reviewers card and select Add Reviewers.

Or in your review hub, click on the List of Reviewers where you will see the Add Reviewers button.

Either of the above actions will take you to the workflow. Depending on your conference settings, you may be prompted be choose a review group and track for the list of reviewers you are about to upload on the Options step. If you are not using tracks or review groups, skip to step 2 below.

Step 1)

If you have review groups or tracks please choose the Review Group and/or Track that these reviewers should be assigned to.

Step 2)

You will then be required to supply the reviewer details in the following format where each reviewer is separated one per line:

First Name Last Name Email Address

George Boole
Albert Einstein

You should type or paste all of your reviewers into the box provided adhering to the above format guidelines and then click on the Done button.

Step 3)

The system will then parse all of your reviewer details and check each record for errors. If errors are detected, the system will then ask you to correct these records (or ignore them) before proceeding. You can update any of the reviewer records using the Edit button.

At this stage, we would encourage you to check and confirm all of your reviewer details (typos and errors). Once you click on the Done button, the system will start to import these reviewers.

Step 4)

During the import process, you will see a progress bar on the screen. Depending on the number of reviewers you have included the import process this may take 1-30 seconds. Finally, you will see a Huzzah! message once the import process has completed.

Once you close the Add Reviewers workflow using the Done button, you will then be taken to the List of Reviewers where you'll see your newly added reviewers.

At this stage, the system has only added these reviewers to the system. It will not automatically send a notification email to the reviewers. 

Step 5) Marking Reviewers as Ready to Review

Having added your reviewers you should see them marked as Pending. This indicates that they are not yet in a position to be assigned any reviews to they do not have topics selected. You have two options to mark them as Ready:

1 - You can manually update topics for them, see here.

2 - You can email and ask them to login and choose topics themselves, see here

We Don't Send Automatic Emails to New Reviewers

We don't send automatic emails to new reviewers because no two conferences are the same. Some conferences prefer to send email invitations to their reviewers while others do not.

There are conferences that send email invitations to all their reviewers and ask their reviewers to accept or decline an invitation to review. If they accept their invitation, they are then prompted to choose their topic areas of expertise (which are then used to assign them submissions).

Other conferences pre-select their reviewers in advance and the first time they send an email to their reviewers (through Ex Ordo) is at the point where submissions have been allocated and the reviewers are required to log in and start reviewing.

If you don't have time to wait for your reviewers to respond to your email invitation, then you should probably just add the reviewer and update their topics without sending them any email invitation.

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