Notify reviewers to begin reviewing

Once you are happy with your allocation, you can then use the Send to Reviewers button to notify the reviewers about their assigned papers. Pressing this button does two things.

  1. It technically starts the review so reviewers can see the material
  2. It allows you to send the reviewers a message so they know the material is ready

Step 1) Send to Reviewers

In the list of submissions in the Reviews hub, hit the Send to Reviewers button.

Step 2) Compose your message

Once you hit the button, you'll be brought to the Communication hub to compose the message. Our template will automatically populate, so you can use it if you need to and edit it where necessary.

Once you are happy with the content you can send the message as you would any time when sending a message from the system. Now, when your reviewers log in, they'll be able to start reviewing.

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