Setting limits on your registration tickets

Using the Registrations hub, you can set limits on any of your fees, workshops or social events so you don't oversell particular products or ticket types. Setting up limits takes place in your registration form.

Step 1) Navigate to your form

Enter your Registration Form from your Manage dropdown in the Registrations hub.

Step 2) Choose your product

In your form, you'll see any registration products you've already added. If you haven't added anything yet, check out our article on Customising your registration form. You can add limits to your registration fees, workshops or social events. Just click on the product you wish you add the limit to. 

Step 3) Add an overall limit

You can add an overall limit to that product, in this case, the Human Body in Deep Space workshop. At the bottom, select Yes under the overall limit and enter your maximum capacity for this workshop below.

Step 4) Add a ticket limit

You can also add limits for each ticket associated with the workshop. For example if you have a student ticket for the workshop and a regular ticket, you can set a limit on the student ticket individually. Click Edit on the student ticket and set the limit in the same way as explained above. 

Step 5) Manage your tickets and limits

The limits you put in place will ensure once a fee, workshop or social event is fully booked, delegates can no longer book it. You can also keep track of your limits and ticket sales in general with your Tickets panel on your Overview page. You'll see your full list of tickets, how many of which are sold and if you have a limit. 

Click Expand to see a more detailed break down of your ticket sales and to export the information.

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