Checking if a ticket is sold out

With the registration module, you can create tickets for the conferences as well as social events and workshops. Every time you create a product you will have the option to add a limit or limit a particular ticket type. You can see more on setting these up here.

Once you have the limits in place, you will want monitor the activity and sales of these limited tickets. This can be done by following the steps below.

1. Go to Registrations

From your menu, click on the Registrations Hub. 

2. View the Overview

On the Overview page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Ticket panel.

3. View your products

Here all of your different products will be listed. Each one will show you the:

  • a) name of the product
  • b) the total number of tickets sold
  • c) the availability of each product

4. View more details about each ticket

By clicking the Expand button, you can view more information about each product. Here we will look at the Registration Fees, which are broken up into Member, Student and Regular tickets. You can see the limits on each type and how many have been sold. You can also see the breakdown of your pricing windows to see how many people purchased early vs. regular tickets. You will also see information about how many have used a related discount code. You can also download the information if needed. 

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