Asking for additional information in the final submissions stage

Sometimes you just need a little bit more from your authors! Perhaps you need their telephone number or an academic CV - you can easily add these requirements when configuring your final submission workflow. The Author Information and Additional Information steps are part of every  Configure Author Submissions set-up; where you can ask authors for extra information about their initial submissions. You can also ask for custom information after their review in the final submission stage.

The Author Questions step allows you to customize the author information you collect such as their phone number, gender or nationality. The Additional Information step is where you can request extra information about the submission e.g. ethics questions or references.

You can see both steps in the Configure Final Submissions setup - see below:

There are two types of information you can ask for in the Step 3 and Step 4 of this workflow:

  1. Information from each author.
  2. Information about the submission in general.

More about how to add and customised your questions you can find  here.

If you already had some questions that were added in the submission workflow while you were collecting your initial submissions, those questions will be visible here as well. If you do not need the authors to confirm these questions at this stage, you can press Disable so authors don't see them here. Please see below:

It's as easy as that! Your authors will now be asked for this information when they submit their final material and you can extract this information using  our exports

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