Getting copyright from accepted submissions

    There are three options for collecting copyright. This can be configured in the Final Submissions workflow for your accepted authors. 

    To edit this workflow select the Final Submissions hub from your dashboard,

    and go into Step 2 of Configure Final Submissions workflow. By default, accepted authors are not asked for copyright.

    If you decide to collect copyright from your accepted authors:

    1) Authors must download, sign and upload a signed copyright file.

    2) Authors can assign copyright online by clicking a checkbox.

    3) Authors from IEEE conferences can transfer copyright via the IEEE electronic Copyright Form (eCF), if you are an IEEE conference then you can skip ahead to Option 3 below.

    Option 1 - Uploading a copyright transfer

    If you decide to go with your Option 2, you will have to upload the copyright file so authors can then download, sign and upload your file again. We always suggest adding some help text to the authors, so the steps are clear here. You can write your instructions in the box for the authors and upload the file for them to sign. Ex Ordo doesn't provide a Disclaimer file and it will have to be created on your end.

    Option 2 - Assigning copyright by clicking the checkbox

    If you decide to go with the check box option, your setup step will look as below.

    There are two steps to configure this option;

    1. Enter guidance/instructions for the author in the top box.
    2. Configure the wording of the statement they must agree to and activate the statement by clicking the tick.

    Option 3 - Allow authors to transfer copyright via IEEE eCF

    Setup outside Ex Ordo

    Before you can set up IEEE copyright transfers in Ex Ordo you first have to provide the following information to the IEEE eCF team:

    1. Conference Record Number (this is the five digit code IEEE uses to identify the conference--it should be on the Letter of Acquisition).
    2. Conference Title.
    3. Paper submission URL (Ex Ordo system URL for your conference).
    4. Technical contact name and email address on your end.

    Here are the IEEE instructions about setting up eCF for your conference.

    Set up within Ex Ordo

    Once the first step is complete, you will need to complete the setup within Ex Ordo. This will be completed alongside the current copyright features in the Final Submissions Setup Workflow. First, choose that you want to use IEEE eCF from Final Submissions setup workflow.

    1. You will then need to enter two pieces of information into Step 1

  • Conference Title (the exact IEEE conference title as it appears in your IEEE letter).
  • Conference Record Number (5 digit code as above provided to you by eCF team).

        2. Register for eCF (Do this even if you've previously registered for eCF outside of Ex Ordo.

    To register your conference for eCF, copy, paste and send the email in Step 2 to This is VERY important in order to complete the connection to IEEE eCF.

    3. Wait for a Reply

    Now, you need to wait for a reply from IEEE. You should get this within 3 working days. Once you do, hit Continue.

    Ex Ordo then provides a test button that utilises the information to test whether Ex Ordo can successfully connect to the eCopyright system. Possible errors at this point are most likely around incorrect data in your eCF registration. Ex Ordo has a list of error codes to distinguish exactly what’s wrong. Contact the Support team if your connection has failed. 

    4. Test the copyright step

    After you completed your test copyright you are ready to collect copyright from your accepted authors! 

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