Assigning a submission to a new review group before the review starts

Your review groups chairs will have the option to remove a submission from their review group if they feel it is not suitable for their reviewers.

If they do, you will receive an email to notify you that the submission is now un-assigned. You must then re-assign the submission to a new review group.

Step 1) Find the submission missing a review group

Go the the review list of submissions and find the un-assigned submission. You can filter in your review listing by the filter Not in Any Review Group. Any submission in this listing is not in any review group and therefore will not be reviewed. You can then find the submission by the ID, Title or Authors attached to it.

Step 2) View the submission

Once you find the submission, you can click on the title to expand the view:

Step 3) Add to review group

To add a submission to the review group at the bottom of the page click on Add to Review Group, as below:

The system will show you the list of your review groups, and you can select the one you need from the list:

The chair of the new review group is not automatically notified about the new addition - they should be watching their listing and checking if any new ones have been added. You can use the Communication hub to contact them if needed - more information  here.

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