Explaining review groups

What is a review group?

Conferences with more than 100 received submissions can struggle if one person is responsible for recruiting reviewers, assigning reviewers to submissions and encouraging reviewers to submit their reviews. Using review groups, a conference chair can delegate the responsibility of managing the peer review process to individual review group chairs.

A review group chair is responsible for:

  1. Inviting reviewers.
  2. Allocating reviewers to submissions.
  3. Re-assigning declined reviews to other reviewers.
  4. Removing unsuitable submissions from their review group.
  5. Reminding reviewers to complete their reviews.
  6. Submitting a final recommendation/report for each submission.

Essentially, the review group chair manages the peer review process for a given set of submissions and then submits a final report to the general chair, track chair or committee chair (depending on how the system is configured).

How do I use review groups?

If you want to use review groups in your conference, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Enable review groups - please contact support@exordo.com to activate this feature.
  2. Create one or more review groups (and appoint review group chairs).
  3. Assign submissions to your review groups.
  4. The review group chairs can then invite reviewers to these review groups.
  5. Allocate submissions to reviewers (within the review groups).
  6. Start reviewing.

Enabling review groups

Support for review groups can be enabled in the first step of the Configure Review Workflow. Selecting either the Review Groups or the Committees & Review Groups option will enable the review group functionality for your conference

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