Removing a submission from a review group before the review starts

As a conference chair, you can remove submissions from any of the review groups at any time and place them into a new group. 

Step 1) Access list of reviews

Click on the Browse Reviews button from your Review Overview card.

Step 2) View Submission

To expand the view click on the submission title, as on the picture below:

Step 3) Remove from review group

The details of the submission will open up and at the bottom you can see each Review Group to which this submission is assigned. To remove it click on the 'x' in the corner:

 A pop-up message will appear advising of the impacts of the removal. The Review Group will no longer be responsible for managing the reviews for this submission. To confirm your action select 'Yes, Remove from Review Group'.

Step 4) Add to new review group

You can then move the submission to a new review group by following our guide here.

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