Download data on your conference

You can download spreadsheets of submissions, reviews and other sets of data at different stages throughout your conference process. This data can be exported as an excel sheet, word doc file or zip files. 

To download a zip file, a word doc or an excel sheet, go to the Conference hub from your dashboard. 

Excel Exports

In the Exports section => Excel Exports, you can now choose the file you would like to download, by clicking on the Download button as below.

Word Exports

Under Word Exports tab you can also export Word doc of submissions from different stages in the system.

Uploaded Files

To get your zip files, select the tab marked as Uploaded files. Here you will see a collection of downloads. This is only relevant if you are collecting some type of file from authors - a paper, or a file from a  custom question.


If you're collecting presentation files for your conference and you have presentations assigned to the Programme they will be also saved in the Exports section, and you can download zip files day by day.

For all types of downloads, you will receive a pop-up message. When you click Download Report the content will be downloaded directly to your browser. A copy of the report will be also sent to your email

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