What type of presentation files can be uploaded?

File Formats

The type of presentation file formats that can be uploaded are at the discretion of the conference chair and conference organizers. This can be configured in Step 3 of the presentation set up. 

To get to the presentation configuration, click on Presentations from the dashboard, then Presentations Setup

In Step 3 Presentation files choose which format you'd like to change, and click on Edit

From there click on Valid file types where you will be presented with the types of presentation files that can be uploaded:

  • Images: jpeg, jpg, png, jiff, bmp
  • Videos: webm, mpeg4, mov, avi, mpegs, wmv, flv
  • Word : doc, docx
  • Excel : xls, xlsx
  • Powerpoint: ppt, pptx, key
  • PDF

The file types in green show what file types have already been chosen. To remove a file type, just click on the " x" beside it in the dark-grey box:

Note: Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 50MB. Video file size is unlimited.

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