Using the tracks Excel report

When you download the Tracks Excel report and open it, you'll see data in columns A-V. This article gives you a little insight to these columns.

Columns A-E list the details of the tracks as follows:

  • Column A: Track ID
  • Column B: Name of the Track
  • Column C: First name of the Track Chair
  • Column D: Last name of the Track Chair
  • Column E: Email address of the Track Chair

Columns F-I show the submission statistics:

  • Column F: Number of completed submissions
  • Column G: Number of pending submissions
  • Column H: Number of withdrawn submissions
  • Column I: Total number of submissions

Columns J-M show the review statistics:

  • Column J: Number of not started reviews (Reviewer didn't give any feedback to the review request)
  • Column K: Number of ongoing reviews (Reviewer accepted to request to review the submission)
  • Column L: Number of completed reviews
  • Column M: Number of submissions in a 'Do Not Review' stage

Columns N-Q show the acceptance statistics:

  • Column N: Number of accepted submissions
  • Column O: Number of accepted oral presentations
  • Column P: Number of accepted poster presentations
  • Column Q: Number of rejected submissions

NB - This article assumes you are using our default presentation formats - oral and poster - if you have greater or fewer different kinds of presentations then columns after column 'N' may appear further along the spreadsheet.

  • Column R: Number of accepted submissions without final draft
  • Column S: Number of accepted submissions with final draft
  • Column T: Number of withdrawn submissions

And finally, Columns U-V show the presentation statistics:

  • Column U: Number of accepted submissions without a presentation file
  • Column V: Number of accepted submissions with a presentation file

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