Managing cancellations

When delegates have registered for your conference, they have the option of requesting a registration cancellation from you. This is usually due to them not being able to attend anymore.

When they request a cancellation (see their process here), you will be notified by email and can see in your Registrations hub that a cancellation has been requested. Click on it to see more details and to make a decision.

You can see all the registration details such as fee types and amount the delegate has paid. You have two options here.

Cancel Registration - if you choose to cancel the registration, this delegate will now be removed from your Registrations list and will no longer attend the conference. It's at your discretion to handle payment refunds, but they can only be done outside Ex Ordo. 

Reject Request - in rejecting the request, the delegate will not be removed from your registrations list and no further action is needed. 

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