Dealing with refunds

If you wish to offer your overpaid delegates a refund, you must first handle the refund transaction externally through your bank account or payment gateway, as Ex Ordo does not facilitate automatic refunds on the external platform.

Once you've handled the refund externally you can now record the refund in Ex Ordo. Detailed steps are explained below.

1) Navigate to the Registrations list

To see the list of your overpaid delegates navigate to the Registrations list from your Registration Admin page.

2) Find a delegate

You can find a delegate you would like to record a refund for by searching by name or use a filter to show all overpaid delegates

To view the registration and see more options, click on the name of a delegate.

3) Record a Refund

The registration view will expand and you will see more options. Select Record a Refund as below:

Here you can now select how much you want to record as the refund (usually the amount the delegate was overpaid by) and write a note of reference if you need. Finally, click Record Refund

The delegate will now receive an automated email confirmation saying they have paid the correct amount and will appear as so in your list of registrations. 

4) Process the Refund in your payment gateway

Now you can process the refund in your payment gateway to ensure the delegate has their payment returned.

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