Register for the conference

If you are a delegate wishing to register to attend and the conference you are attending is using Ex Ordo, this article will explain how you can register.

Step 1) Login to the conference

The first thing you will need to do is log in to the conference dashboard. If you are an author or a reviewer who has already used the system, you should make sure to log in with the same login details that you have previously used for this conference.

Step 2) Register from your dashboard

Once the registration period has opened, you will see a Register prompt on your dashboard. Clicking on the 'Register' button will take you directly to the conference registration form. If the registration is not open or the deadline has passed, you will need to contact the conference organisers. 

Step 3) Follow "Register now" prompt

On the screen that will appear when following the prompt from your dashboard you will see what is the conference early bird deadline and you'll be able to add your discount code for services if any. If you're happy to proceed select Register now as below:

You will then betaken through the Registration process. At this stage, you can select your registration fees, any workshops or social events you may want to attend, and proceed to a payment page. The payment options you can see here will depend on the settings that the conference organisers configured for their conference.

Step 3a) Guide for Delegates

Guide for delegates is the first step. Here, conference organisers might give you some additional details on their conference fees, terms and conditions or any other important information related with the conference you're registering for. Click "Next" to select your registration fee.

Step 3b) Registration Fee

The registration fee screen shows all registration prices and options currently available in the system. Once you have selected your preferred fee you can move to the next step by clicking "Next".

Step 3c) Workshops

If the conference is running any workshops, you'll be able to select the workshops you'd like to take part in in this step. If there are no workshops being run, then you'll move straight to the next step automatically. Click "Next" to continue.

3d) Social Events

Here you can confirm your attendance for any social events that the conference is running. This could be anything from Daytrips to Gala Dinners! If this step is not showing for you, it means that the conference doesn't have any social events or they are included in the registration fee. Click "Next" to move to the next step.

3e) Billing Address

The Billing Address is a default step of the registration process and cannot be bypassed. Here, you'll have to add your Billing address and details that will appear on your registration Invoice.

3f) Checkout

During the checkout step you will be able to see a complete list of what has been selected above and the total amount due at the bottom of the page. If you would like to edit your registration at this point, you can go back to any of the steps and make changes. 

You will also be asked to select your payment type. Conferences can collect credit card payments, bank transfers or both as shown in the image below. 

We have more information about each of these option and the next steps in Paying for your registration

Step 4) Email confirmation

Once you have completed your payment, you will receive an email from the system to confirm your registration. 

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