Discount codes and how to use them

Discount codes allow you to purchase some or all of the registration items with a different, usually lower price than the regular one. Discount codes are specific to each conference and fee. One discount code can reduce the price for one or multiple items in your registration and it can be generated only by the conference organisers. Once you have your conference discount code you can add it to your registration in two different places while completing your registration process. You can always add more than one code if you have it. 

Add your code when starting your registration

You can add your code when starting the registration. Before getting into the registration form you will see a question Got a discount code? If you got one from the organisers click on the question and the box to enter your code will appear. Then click Apply as below:

Your code will apply to the fees that it was created for and you will see a discounted price showing on the list for you as below. In this example discount code was created to reduce your Student fee:

Add a discount code in Checkout

Another option is to add a discount code at the end of your registration process in a Checkout step. Screen will be similar as above. Click on a Got a discount code? question and a little box will appear to add your code in. See below:

Code will be added to your registration and reduce the item prices that was created for. In the example below discount code was created only for Student registration fee. See below:

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