Track chair: Decision making process

When the review process is complete, you will wish to accept and reject submissions and notify the authors. This article below will walk you through the process.

Step 1) Allowable decision types

As the track chair, your ultimate role is to make submissions about which submissions will be accepted for presentation at the conference in your track. The decisions you are allowed to assign to submissions are created by the conference organizers. If you feel different decisions are needed, you must contact them to have them added as options.

Step 2) Recording your decisions

You can find out more about this   here.

You need to record the decision on each submission before you can proceed further. Once you have done so and are satisfied with the decisions you have assigned to submissions, the button at the top of your list will change and you will be able to Publish Decisions.

Step 3) Notifying Authors

After you publish decisions, you can notify your authors of the decisions. You can find more about notification process   here.

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