Track chair: Decision making process

As a track chair, one of your tasks is to make decisions on which submissions will be accepted for presentation at the conference and which submissions you will reject.  This article below will walk you through each step the process.

Step 1) Making decisions

When the reviews are finished on a submission, you can make a decision on it. You can find out more about this here.

Step 2) Publish decisions

Once you've made a decision, you can publish it, making it visible to its authors, should they login. You can either do this one by one, or in bulk at the end of the process. To do so on a rolling basis, assign a decision under neath the submission and select 'Publish this Decision'. 

To do so in bulk, assign decisions to all submissions and then in the 'Not Published' stage, hit 'Publish Decisions'. 

Step 3) Notify authors

After you publish decisions, you can notify your authors of the decisions. You can find more about notification process here.

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