Track chair: Using bulk actions in the Initial Submissions hub

As a track chair, you are able to take actions on the content on your track(s). For example, you may need to send an email to authors on submission 10, 23, 41 and 18. This can be done through a bulk action. This article details the bulk actions available to track chairs in the initial submissions hub.

You can also use filters in the lists of each hub. See  here to learn more about this.

Bulk actions in the List of Submissions:

Below you will find information about the bulk actions available in the Initial Submissions hub which is located in the Submissions area.

Track chairs can select one, multiple or all submissions and apply the following bulk actions:

  • Export as Excel
  • Export as Word
  • Withdraw
  • Reinsert
  • Email all authors on the specific submission(s)


You can first use filters and then export a subset of content. For example, you could filter the list down to see only fully submitted content so you do not have to export withdrawn or pending submissions. This means your export is smaller and possibly easier to use.

Bulk actions in the List of Panels

If you do not see a List of Panels, you are likely on a platform that is not using the panels feature. The information in this section is only applicable on sites with the panels feature enabled.

Track chairs can select one, multiple or all panels and use the following bulk actions:

  • Email the panel organisers
  • Withdraw the panel
  • Reinsert the Panel
  • Export to Excel

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