Track chair: Filtering lists

You can easily filter and search through your conference's information using the filtering options in the system. 

Overall List Filter

Depending on the settings active on your conference (ie, if you have tracks or review groups), it will show all of these or a combination thereof or none. Here you can also search by typing in your Track, Committee or Review Group name. Just click the dropdown at the top of each list (Initial Submissions, Review or Final Submissions):

The top filter of each list will show your information broken into different sections:

  • Tracks
  • Committees
  • Review Groups 

Filters in Review Hub

We can split filters in the Reviews hub into filters that appear After the allocation and In Review filters.

a) After the allocation filters

After you allocate but before you Send to Reviewers and start the Review process you can filter the list to perform different actions. You can filter by Formats, Topics, Reviewers and the Allocation Status

All Statuses filter will allow you to find submissions that are missing Reviewers or are not Allocated at all. 

b) In Review filters

There are some additional filters appearing when you Send to reviewers and you open the system for the Reviews:

  • Funnel with a visual overview of your whole review process 
  • More Filters option


You will see a funnel on the top of your Review list showing the status of your review process. By clicking on each section of the funnel the system will filter out those specific submissions depending in which status they have. 

More Filters

By clicking on More Filters+ option as below a popup screen will appear:

You will be able to add more filters to your list such as:

  • Review stage
  • Review decision
  • Reviewers 
  • Review scores
  • Submission topics
  • Submission format

To use the filter select Apply Filters as below

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