Track chair: Checking the status of a reviewer

In Ex Ordo, reviewers have different statuses to let you know if they are ready to start reviewing or allow you to understand their progress through the review. You can view these statuses in the List of Reviewers in the Reviews hub.

Before the review

The main aim before the review starts is to ensure your reviewers have topics to review i.e. they are Ready to Review. If you have configured your review settings (see guide  here) and added some reviewers, you can see immediately how many reviewers are ready to go from your dashboard. If you need to see the statuses of your reviewers overall, navigate to the list from the card on your dashboard. You will then see different statuses beside each reviewer:

Here’s what these statuses mean:

  • Ready to Review: This reviewer has chosen (or you have assigned) their topics and they are now ready to start a review.
  • Accepted invitation: The reviewer has accepted your invitation to review, but has not yet chosen their topics. You can still assign them topics if needed.
  • Declined invitation: The reviewer has declined your invitation to review. This means the administrator will not be able to assign any submissions to this reviewer.
  • Pending: The reviewers has not responded to any invitation nor have you chosen topics for them.

After the review

Once the review has begun, only reviewers who are Ready to Review will be considered for assignments. The others will still remain on your list with their status attached.

For reviewers who have been assigned, the system will provide you feedback as they complete their assignments with two statuses:

  • Reviewing: still has Not Started or In Progress reviews remaining.
  • Complete: has completed all assigned work. 

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