Track chair: Notifying reviewers to begin reviewing

Once you are happy with your allocation, you can then use the Send to Reviewers button to notify the reviewers about their assigned papers. Pressing this button does two things.

  1. It technically starts the review so reviewers can see the material
  2. It allows you to send the reviewers an email so they know the material is ready

Upon clicking the Send to Reviewers button, the Communication hub will open up with a four step workflow to write, test and send the email. 

Step 1: Filter

This will show all the reviewers with assignments. 

Step 2: Write 

Here you will see the default text for the reviewer email. You can edit this email if you need, add/edit the subject line (e.g: [[Conference Name]] - Submissions Available for Review) and personalise the body of the email. Please note that the date, name of the conference and conference website in the header of an email cannot be edited or changed from here. 

Step 3: Test

Once you are happy with the content you can go to the next step of this workflow. Here you can send a preview email to yourself and ensure the email is correct before you send it out to all your reviewers.

Step 4: Send

Once you're all set, you can click on the big Send Email button. The system will send your email to all of your reviewers and conclude the process of publishing your reviewer assignments. Please note there might be a slight delay before the reviewers actually receive the email as our email delivery system queues the emails.

Each of your reviewers will receive an email notification with the login details they need to access the submissions they need to review and the instructions to complete their reviews. Once they   login , they will see their My Reviews card on their Dashboard to direct them to the reviewing workflow. You can see an outline of this workflow at this article: Reviewing my assigned submissions

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