Reviewing my assigned submissions

This guide is illustrating how to review the submissions that have been allocated to you as a reviewer. It assumes that you have already either been appointed as a reviewer and conference organisers have set everything for you or that you have accepted an invitation to review and have chosen your topics.

Note: Conference organisers can customise the marking scheme. This means that what you'll see as a reviewer might be different than the screenshots in this guide. However, the process will always remain the same.

Step 1) Start reviewing

Find the My Reviews card on your dashboard and select Start Reviewing. This will bring you to the list of submissions where you will see all the submissions that have been assigned to you. 

Step 2) Select the submission from the list

If you haven't started any reviews yet, they will all be marked as Not Started in the list of submissions. Once you start reviewing, they will change to In Progress and only once every category has been marked and the review finally locked in will the review be marked as Completed.  

You can also review offline. If you'd like to get to know more on how to download all submissions that are assigned to you, and review offline you can take a look  here. Even if you review offline your final scores will have to be saved in the system.

Step 3) Accept the review 

Click on the submission title to expand the reviewing screen. 

Once you click on a submission, you'll be able to see the abstract, the associated list of topics and the presentation format. You'll be able to download the initial draft of the paper if the author uploaded any.

To see the marking scheme and start reviewing a paper you'll need to click Review.

Step 4) Review the submission

Once you have agreed to review a submission you'll see the reviewing form - Marking Scheme with the scoring categories you need to complete. Record the different scores and add the required summaries and comments.

On the right hand side of the scheme you can record your scores and to expand the help text for each category click on the little grey arrow in the corner:

Note: The system automatically saves any text or score you have entered as soon as you click outside of the score or comment box. If you log out, you'll find your review the same as you left it.

Step 5) Lock your review

Once you've finished your review, you need to lock it to complete it. To do that, click on the green Lock Review at the bottom of the review. Once you've locked a review, you won't be able to make any additional changes, so please, make sure you are satisfied with your review. Only the chair or track chair can unlock a review to make it editable again. If you've locked your review in error, please contact the conference organiser to ask them to unlock it.

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