Track chair: Invite reviewers to choose their topics

Depending on your conference process, you may need to ask your reviewers to pick the topics they wish to review. This guide will show you how to ask them to login and do so.

Step 1) Add your reviewers

In order to send email invitations to your reviewers, you will first have to  add/import your list of reviewers

Step 2) Open the invitation email

Once this step is complete, you will be presented with a Send Invitations button that will allow you to send invitations to your reviewers:

If the button is not there anymore, you'll need to open up the Communication hub and choose to send to reviewers in the first step followed by the filter Not Invited as seen below.

In the third step you'll see the same default email as you'd face after clicking on the Send Invitations button in the first case. This default text can be customised in advance using the email templates feature.

Step 3) Customize the invitation email

You should customise the email subject and body text to reflect your requirements. 

After writing the subject line and body of your email you input who the message should appear to come from and the reply to email address. Once satisfied, click Next to move forward.

Step 4) Preview the Email

On the next step you can send yourself a preview email before you send it off to your reviewers if you need to, by clicking on the dropdown as below. You can skip forward if you don't need to use this function.

Step 5) Send the email

The final step in the process is just to confirm you want to send your email. Click Send Email to send it and Back to move back a step in the process.

Step 6) Checking on the status

On receipt of this email, your reviewers will be able to accept or decline their invitation. When a reviewer accepts their invitation, they will be able to login and choose their topics of expertise. You can monitor their status in the system, see guide  here.

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