Responding to the RSVP for my submission

If your submission was accepted for the conference, the conference organisers may ask you to respond to an RSVP. 

In Ex Ordo system, the RSVP function is designed to help conference organisers to collect the information about which accepted submissions are actually going to appear at the conference. This will give them an idea of which submissions should actually be included in their conference timetable/programme. 

All authors on your submission will have an option to RSVP and by confirming it you/they are actually confirming that one of the authors will actually attend and present the submission on site.

You have the option to Accept or Decline this invitation. This guide will explain the steps to do so.

Step 1) Find the submission

When you login to the conference, you will see your dashboard. There should be a My RSVPs card in your card stream. This will show all the accepted submissions for which you need to RSVP.

The card will highlight that you have an Action Required and have not yet confirmed your RSVP for each submission. Click on Submit my RSVP to start the process.

Step 2) Make your decision

After following the prompt, the RSVP screen will appear with two options. There you can decide either to Accept Invitation or Decline Invitation

Step 2a) Accepting the RSVP 

If you decide to accept the invitation and confirm the RSVP, click on Accept Invitation. Your decision will be instantly saved and visible to the conference chair. You and your co-authors will receive an email receipt of the RSVP decision also. The heading of your RSVP will change and you will see that your RSVP is confirmed, as below:

Step 2b) Declining the RSVP

If you decide to decline the RSVP, a warning message will appear and you will have to confirm that you are declining the invitation, as below:

To move from your RSVP preview click Done. 

Step 3) Changing the RSVP decision

You can change your RSVP anytime up until the RSVP deadline provided by the Conference organisers. If you need to change your RSVP decision after the initial response, please follow the steps here in  this article.

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