Editing the RSVP for my submission

This article outlines the steps needed to edit your RSVP. You or any of your co-authors can change the RSVP decision for your submission at any point up until the deadline set by the conference organizers.

The first thing you have to do is log into your Ex Ordo account.

Step 1) Finding your submission  

When you login to the conference, you will see your dashboard. There should be an RSVP card in your card stream. This will show all the accepted submissions for which you need to RSVP.

The card will highlight that you have already Accepted (green) or Declined (grey) the RSVP. If the deadline is still open, it will allow you to go ahead and amend your answer. If the deadline is closed, you must contact the organizers.

If you wish to, click on Change My RSVP to begin. 

Step 2) Changing your RSVP

You can see who originally answered the RSVP from this screen. To change their response, you can simply click on Change my RSVP to amend the RSVP.

Step 3) Making a new RSVP decision

In the case below the decision is changing from Confirmed to Declined, so Decline Invitation is selected. You can also change a submission's RSVP from Declined to Confirmed.

The system will ask you to confirm your decision as declining the invitation will mean your submission is excluded from the proceedings of the conference completely.

The new decision is now reflected in the system and you (and any co-authors) will be sent an email to update them on the new RSVP for the submission.

Thank you, the conference organisers can now update their conference programme with this new information!

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