Reminding authors to RSVP

In the list of RSVPs you can check the status for each submission. If some of the authors still have not responded to their RSVP you can send an email reminder to do so.

You can email your authors in two different ways:

  1. Using the automated emails for RSVP
  2. By using a bulk action from the list

1) Using the automated emails for RSVP

When you are completing the Configure Acceptance menu in the Review section and setting up RSVP, you can activate automated emails for this feature.

This means that all Pending RSVP authors will then be emailed 10 days, 3 days and 1 day before the RSVP deadline to remind them to login and respond to the RSVP. You can customize each email sent to your authors to ensure personalized contact with your attendees.

More information about setting up this feature is available  here.

2) Using a bulk action

Find the RSVP statuses of your submissions by clicking on Reviewing => List of RSVPs, as in the image below.

In the list you can see the status for each submission. Submissions can have one of three statuses:

  • Confirmed - they have confirmed the presence of their submission to your conference.
  • Declined - they have declined the invitation to appear at your conference.
  • Pending - they have not yet responded to your invitation.

You can use the filter on the top of the list to filter only Pending ones. Please check the preview below:

Now you can use our bulk action feature (the checkbox on top of the list) to select all of them. On the top of the list, new options will appear and you can choose to email authors who still have not responded to your RSVP.

The Communication hub will open up in Step 1, where you can first filter which authors would you like to contact (Corresponding, Presenting or all) and in the next step you can compose an email that you would like to send to the authors.

Hurrah! Your authors will now know to respond to their RSVPs!

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