Accessing my conference mailing list

The system allows you to download information about your mailing list/recipients in your conference. This data can be exported as an Excel file. 

Step 1) Access the Conference hub

This is where all the conference exports are listed. To find your exports, click on the Conference hub on your dashboard.

Step 2) Download the file

In Excel Exports, you can then choose the Mailing list export file, by clicking on Download as below:

You will then receive a pop-up message. When you click Download the content will be downloaded directly to your browser. A copy of the report will be also sent to you by email.

This Export will give you information such as:

  • Email status
  • Mailing list status
  • Time and date of subscription

There are two main columns in this export, Email Status and Mailing List.

1. Email status - The email status depends on whether we can reach the user or not:

  • If the status in this column is bounced - it means a user is unreachable for some reason (this can be due to a typo in the email, an issue with the mailing server, the message being marked as spam etc.)
  • If the status is active -  all is fine and we can deliver the message

You can read more about bounced emails here.

2. Mailing list column - will show you if the user is subscribed, unsubscribed, or failed

  • Subscribed - When a user first gets added to the mailing list. This is either when the user logs in for the first time or if they are added to the call for papers mailing list.
  • Unsubscribed -  When a reviewer declines or the person unsubscribes from the call for papers.
  • Failed - This happens when the email bounces.

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