What is the communication hub and what do I use it for?

The Communication is a specific hub of the system where you will compose and send out your emails from. We use a third party, PostMark, to send emails. This is very useful for tracking bounces and ensuring delegates who report spam or unsubscribe from the list are never emailed again.

You can access the Communication hub by selecting 'Communication' in the top menu from your Dashboard:

Once open you can use it to: 

  • Send your call for papers 
  • Contact authors in different stages of their submissions (both corresponding or presenting)
  • Contact reviewers (or review group chairs)
  • Send out acceptance emails
  • Contact track chairs (If enabled)
  • Send registration emails and general reminders (if the registration module is enabled)
  • Contact virtual presenters (if Virtual hub is enabled)
  • Contact virtual session chairs (if Virtual hub is enabled)

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