Sending an email

Ex Ordo Communication hub allows you to contact different group of users from the system. In the steps below we will walk you through the process. 

Select Communication hub from the menu bar:

Step 1) Choose your template

Choose the group of people to send an email to:

  • Call for Papers
  • Authors
  • Reviewers
  • Accepted Authors
  • Track Chairs (If Tracks are enabled)
  • Delegates (If Registration enabled)
  • Presenters (if Virtual hub is enabled)
  • Session chairs (if Virtual hub is enabled)

Step 2) Specifics

Call for Papers
For the Call for Papers you can paste in your database of email addresses and Import.

For the others, you can filter to only target a specific group of people.


Step 3) Write

Click under the heading in the white space to begin typing. To ensure correct formatting, you should copy the text (Usually from Word) into NotePad and from NotePad into the system. The text will save when you click anywhere outside the box. After entering the Subject line and content of an email at the bottom of the page you can decide how should appear as an email sender.  The reply to box also gives you the list of assistants, the person you choose will be the person the mail goes to when a delegate hits reply on the mail. When you are happy with the settings select Next.

Step 4) Check and Preview
In this step you will see a preview of your email. You can send a draft mail first to anyone who is listed as an assistant/chair on the system.

Step 5) Confirm and Send

In this final step hit Send Email. System will show the number of recipients you are targeting with this email. If you're not ready, don't worry. You can navigate away and it will be saved as a draft for you to access again

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