Closing a review

When the review is underway you can close a review if you have a submission with unfinished reviews that you need to make a decision on. The 'Close Review' function will then push the submission into the decision stage.  

Closing a Review

Find the Review Overview card on your dashboard and select 'Browse Reviews' to bring you to your list of submissions in review.

It will take you to the 'List of Submissions' in review stage:

In the next step tick in the box to select all submissions for which you would like to 'Close Review'. In the Progress bar you can see percentage of the completed reviews for each reviewer. When all submissions are selected, click 'Close Review'. 

By choosing 'Close Review' all the submissions with 'No Reviewer’ status and marked in Orange showing they are in Progress will be closed for reviewing. The decision box will appear underneath and the submission will be ready for the acceptance/rejection decision. A general score will be calculated based only on the completed reviews.

Now you can make your acceptance/rejection decisions and publish the results.

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