Setting profile access and email notifications

As a Chair/Administrator of the Conference, you can customise the settings for the automated emails from the system.

You can access this option in your Profile, from the top right corner on your Dashboard.

At the bottom of the screen is a Notifications option. Click on Edit to open the list:

You will see a number of options - by default these are all set to "Email me" which you can login at any time to amend:

1) You will receive an email if someone changes your details (name or email address). 

2) If the Decline Review option is visible to a reviewer, you will receive an email notification when he/she declines any review. Then you can login and reassign to another reviewer.

3) If you are a Reviewer and you are assigned additional papers to review (after your original notification) you will be sent an email from the system. You can then login to review this new allocation. 

4) If you are a Reviewer and the submission originally assigned to you has been reassigned to another reviewer, you will receive an email so you know that you no longer have to complete the review in question. 

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