What does it mean when a submission is pending?

Submissions remain pending until the submitting author completes all steps of the workflow. This can happen in Initial Submissions and Final Submissions.


In Initial Submissions, pending submissions will appear as below:

If a submission is pending, it can therefore mean that:

  • The author hasn't filled the Title or Abstract fields
  • There are no authors linked to the submission, or some information such as the author's name, surname or affiliation is missing
  • There are no topics assigned to the submission
  • The paper was supposed to be uploaded as an attachment and hasn't been uploaded by the author

If you click on the pending submission, the steps that haven't been completed will be marked by a red dot:

Final Submissions

After the review in Final Submissions, pending submissions will appear as below:

When a submission is pending in Final Submissions, it means the authors of the submission have not completed any final edits. When the authors complete these final edits, they will move to a Complete status. 

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