Extending the submission deadline

Once the submission deadline has passed, the system will stop authors from submitting. You may be asked by the author to accept late submissions or you can simply extend the submission deadline to allow them to complete the process. Changing the deadline won't trigger any email or notification. Submissions will close at midnight PDT on the day of the deadline. Please contact our support team if you need to change the timezone of the deadline.

Step 1) Find the Submissions Overview Card

To extend the deadline, find your Submissions Overview card and select 'extend' as highlighted below.

Step 1a) Single Track Conference

For a single track conference, you will just have to decide on the deadline for one track - the only one! Select the date and change it to the new deadline.

Step 1b) Multi-Track Conference

You can change the dates for multiple tracks if you have a multi-track conference. Select the dates you wish to change to extend the deadline.

Now the authors will see the new deadline when they login.

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