Will authors automatically receive a submission receipt?

The system will automatically send a submission receipt to the author and the co-authors 15 minutes after the author completes the submission. After the receipt is sent to the authors, no subsequent receipts are sent by the system after any edits are made.

Chairs or assistants can choose to manually re-send a submission receipt from the communication hub to authors. Simply search for the message subject, submission ID number or author's name/email in the search box and all emails sent to them will appear in your messages list.

You can filter by message type and only bring up messages which are submission receipts.

Expand the message you would like to resend and then select the author you would like to resend it to from the list on the right. Afterwards select resend from the actions section on the left.

Note: You can change the wording on the submission receipt to read exactly what you want it to. Read more about our email templates here.

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