Track chair: How to find Partially allocated and Not allocated submissions?

It sometimes happens that not all your submissions get allocated. This is either due to:

  • your allocations settings where the limit of submissions per the reviewer is too low (you don't have enough reviewers per number of submissions),
  • nepotism is enabled and the system couldn't allocate all submissions,
  • the topic cover is not good among reviewers so the system couldn't match all submissions.

There are two filters that will help you out with this:

All statuses Filter after the allocation

You can check Partially allocated and Not allocated Submissions and manually assign reviewers.

Unassigned Reviews filter from Review overview card 

After the system is already in the review stage, all partially allocated and not allocated submissions will be grouped together under the one filter of unassigned reviews, that you can find on your Review overview card:

If you are a Track chair on multiple tracks you will need to click on a specific track from the card to see this option, as below.

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