Create & Run a Stage Manager Rehearsal (Webex)

As a Stage Manager, it’s important to create and run rehearsals so you can become familiar with hosting a stage, using Webex and what you need to do on the day. For more information on the role of a Stage Manager, check out this article: Stage Manager Guidelines

Step 1) Navigate to Rehearsals

In the Ex Ordo system, via the Virtual Builder, go to the “Rehearsals” page. 

Step 2) Create a Rehearsal 

Click on the “Add A Rehearsal” button. Give the rehearsal a name, select the date and time you wish to run it, and on the Access tab, select Private. 

A Private Rehearsal is only accessible to Attendees via the Rehearsal URL, see step 3 for more on this. (Open Rehearsals  are publicly accessible via the Event Space, so we strongly recommend you don’t make your Rehearsals Open.) 

Step 3) Share Rehearsal URL

Once you’ve created the rehearsal, you can now share the Rehearsal URL with anyone who will be joining as Attendees. As this is a Private Rehearsal, if they don’t have this URL, they won’t be able to join. If they have not already, they will also need to download Webex Events from here

Note: To gain access to your private rehearsal, someone must have the rehearsal URL and meet the Access Restrictions that are set on the Event Space. You can see what these restrictions are set to on the panel marked “Private Rehearsal”.

Step 4) Run the Rehearsal

You can start hosting the rehearsal an hour before the event goes live, just like on the day. The experience of beginning the rehearsal event mimics what you will experience starting your live stage on the day as a Stage Manager. 

Navigate to the Stage Overview in the Virtual Builder. 
On this page you will see any upcoming rehearsals.
Click on 'View Rehearsal' of the one you would like to begin hosting to view the Stage Day. 

On this Stage Day page, you can begin hosting the rehearsal event. In your rehearsal, we recommend running through the Stage Manager Training Checklist, and Pre-Session Checklist as listed in this article: Stage Manager Training Resources.

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