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Stage Manager Training Checklist

Once you've received your WebEx training, it's time to practice and get familiar with your role as Stage Manager. 

You can create and run your own Private Rehearsals in Ex Ordo. For instructions on how to do so, see this article: Create & Run a Stage Manager Rehearsal

We've created a checklist of what you as a Stage Manager need to run through in this rehearsal: 

  • Start a Stage
  • Unmute an Attendee
  • Promote an Attendee to Panelist
  • Share Screen (and Present Slides)
  • Assign Presenter Role to Panelist
  • Start / Stop Recording
  • Enable / Disable Chat and Q&A
  • Manage Q&A
  • Get Host Key
  • Transfer Host Role
  • Reclaim Host Role

Once you're familiar and able to perform each of these tasks, you're good to go and fulfil your role as Stage Manager!  

Download the checklist as a word doc here

Stage Manager Pre-Session Checklist

On the day of the conference, it is possible to start your stage one hour before the event. We recommend starting your stage as soon as possible to give you time to join and prepare. 

The article Stage Manager Guidelines goes in to greater detail on each of the below points. This is a summary checklist for you to run through when you start your stage: 

  • Share 'Host Key' and share with team/backup stage manager
  • Enable/Disable Panels (e.g. Q&A, Chat)
  • Monitor for incoming panelists and promote them. Do a quick tech check with each. 
  • Share Conference Branded Welcome Slide
  • Hit Record > Record in cloud

Download the checklist as a word doc here.

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