Create & Run Rehearsals in Ex Ordo Virtual

Rehearsals give Session Speakers, Stage Managers, and Administrators experience hosting and/or presenting on a live stage. 

There are two options when hosting a rehearsal. You can run an Open or Private Rehearsal. 

Option 1: Open Rehearsal
An Open Rehearsal is open to anyone who has access to your Event Space. If you’re running open rehearsals, an additional tab called “Rehearsals” will be added to the navigation in your Event Space. Anyone who meets your event’s Access Restrictions, may access the Event Space and click to join a rehearsal. For more on Access Restrictions, see this article: Changing access levels for the event space and content

Option 2: Private Rehearsal 
A private rehearsal is only accessible via a URL shared by the administrator or Stage Manager. There will be no link to join a scheduled Private Rehearsal in your Event Space. To gain access to a private rehearsal, someone must have the rehearsal URL and meet the Access Restrictions on your Event Space. We recommend that Stage Managers use Private Rehearsals when rehearsing. 

Step 1) Navigate to “Add a Rehearsal”

You can access the Rehearsal Page via the Stages Overview.  Click on the “Add a Rehearsal” button.

Alternatively you can use the “Quick Add” button. 

Note: Once you add Stage Managers to Ex Ordo, they can also add their own rehearsals. 

Step 2) Add Rehearsal Details

Work through the different tabs adding the rehearsal details, Time & Date, Stage Manager, and finally whether or not it should be an Open or Private Rehearsal. 

Once you navigate back to the Rehearsal Page, you will see a list of all scheduled rehearsals. You can hide past stage rehearsals, filter by access (i.e. private or open) and order. 

Open Rehearsal Page

As you can see in the image below, on an Open Rehearsal page you can edit or delete the rehearsal, change the Stage Manager, or grab the Host Key. 

If the stage manager can no longer host their own rehearsal, having the Host Key lets someone else claim the hosting role in Webex. A back-up stage manager in the Webex Event must select Participant > Reclaim Host Role and enter the host key. They'll then be able to start hosting. These instructions are also included in the Stage Manager Guidelines

You’ll also find some Ex Ordo knowledge base articles at the bottom of this page. 

To invite people to attend a Rehearsal, you can share the Rehearsal URL that’s in the “Details” panel. However, in the Event Space, a “Rehearsal” tab has also been added to the navigation, and your attendees can join from there too. 

Private Rehearsal Page

Once you create a Private Rehearsal, you can also edit the rehearsal details, change the Stage Manager, delete the rehearsal, see the host key, etc. 

People can only join a Private Rehearsal if they have the Rehearsal URL, as highlighted below. You’ll need to share this with them before they can join, there is no other way they can access it. 

Delete a Rehearsal 

To delete a rehearsal you’ve created, select it from your list of rehearsals.
Within the individual rehearsal’s page, click  “Edit Rehearsal” and then click “Delete Rehearsal” in the bottom left corner.
Once you navigate back to Rehearsals, you’ll see it no longer appears on the list. 

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