How to email Virtual Presenters

Via the Content Studio you can email your presenting Authors.

Note: You can only email presenting Authors of assigned presentations using the method below. It’s not possible to email presenting Authors of manually inputted content via the Content Studio.  

Step 1) Navigate to the Content Studio

The Content Studio is where you assemble every sessions created for the conference live. For instructions on how to create content in the studio, check out this article: Creating Content in the Content Studio

Sessions are populated with accepted Presentations, and each will have a presenting Author(s). 

Step 2) Filter & Select Email Recipients 

Using the filter option in the Content Studio, you can refine your list of sessions to those whose presenting Authors you wish to email.

If you need to email every presenting author of every session in the conference, use the check box to the right of ‘All Session Types’ to select all. 

The search box can also be used to search for a specific session you would like to contact the presenting Authors of. 

Step 3) Create & Send the Message

Once you’ve selected the sessions whose presenting Authors you wish to contact, click the button ‘Email’. 

This will bring you to the Communication hub where you can review the list of recipients, create the email, test and send it. 

For more information on the Communication hub, check out this article: Sending an email

Note: You must use the steps above to email Presenting Authors (i.e. via the Content Studio). While you can email Authors via the Communication hub, you can’t email presenting Authors specifically.

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