Managing Presentation Questions

In the Event Space, delegates have the opportunity to pose questions to the presenting authors, directly under their presentations. As an administrator, you have a few different ways of managing those questions. This article will outline the global and individual settings available to you. 

Global Presentation Questions setting

In the Content Options section you have the option to toggle “Presentation Questions” on or off. This is a global setting, so whichever you choose here will be applicable to all presentations on the Event Space.

Alternatively, this can be set by navigating to a presentation and clicking on the “Presentation Options” menu and selecting “Disable questions on all Presentations”.

Individual Presentation Options

If you wish to manage presentation questions on a specific presentation, simply navigate to the presentation in question. At the top of your screen, click on the “presentation options” 

This drop down will allow you to do the following with the presentation questions:

Freeze Questions on this Presentation - a possible use case for this would be when the conference is over and you have had sufficient questions on this presentation but still want to display the questions and responses that were originally posed. 

Hide Questions on this Presentation - can be used if you don’t want delegates to have the ability to pose questions on a particular presentation. 

Deleting Questions posed on a Presentation

If you want to delete a question which was posed, simply click on the “Delete Thread” button.

Or if you need to delete an individual response, you can do so by clicking on the "Delete" button:

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